Our Collaborative Projects

Partners: Apricot Centre & Action to Prevent Suicide

Our nature-based work enables us to support young people who have been isolated or have anxiety issues through positive experiences with each other and rooted in their connection with the environment.

Young people work with a skilled therapist from The Apricot Centre and a qualified nature-based practitioner from The Apricot Centre or Action Against Suicide. They take part in woodland based activities that are underpinned by therapeutic support.

Young people can take part in mindfulness sessions, sensory activities such as barefoot wanderings, greenwood  working,  weaving,  fire  lighting,  cooking  and woodland management (coppicing and native tree planting), learning how to grow food and care for the wildlife and plants that are native to the UK.

Contact: rachelphillips@apricotcentre.co.uk

Partners: Daisi , The Children’s Society, Torre Abbey, & Sound Communities

An arts participation programme supporting young people’s emotional, psychological and social wellbeing needs. Our project is about:

  • creating friendly, safe groups (brokered by known, trusted adults) where young people can hang out with peers who like the same things;
  • meeting in beautiful places, doing creative activity with people like themselves, and finding out about what else is available beyond;
  • creating routes into creative activity and joining-in for vulnerable young people.

This partnership is keen to explore how young people leadership can help the sustainability of these activities, encouraging young people to network with each other, advocate for and sustain creative engagement.

We are creating opportunities for participants to run a social action campaign, reaching out to other young people.

Sound Communities’ creative consultation and young people leadership approaches ideally place them to deliver a valuable local resource for young people.

Torre Abbey’s rich offer includes remarkable spaces suitable for creative, socially distanced activity. Research shows that a physical place of inspiration can enhance the quality of young people’s creative work, bringing them ‘something to write about’, and pride in one’s own locality.

CheckPoint is excited to explore how young people can move from receiving support to being empowered to make or sustain engagement with the things that help them the most.

Contact: liz@daisi.org.uk

Partners: Doorstep Arts, Youth Genesis, Moor to Sea & Sound Communities​

In February 2020, we received funding from Heritage Lottery Fund to co-devise an original piece of theatre exploring the history of protest and rebellion in Torbay. The project involved an ensemble of 14–20-year-olds. We were set to start creating our original show. Then Covid-19 struck and we went into lockdown. We cancelled all sessions, but we shifted our work online.

We noticed each week a decline in positivity on the Zoom meetings. Participants were missing one another and feeling lonely, as were many isolated older people in the community. So we started a cabbage adoption scheme, with young people delivering cabbage seedlings to people’s doorsteps

With additional funding from Imagine This and Public Health Guidance loosening, we started to meet in small, physically-distanced, groups for music sessions we called Cabbage Jams.

We devised a series of parades. A design team led by the incredible theatre designer Fi Russell was established and musicians from the group attended sessions at Ocean Recording Studio, with Brixham locals Emily Howard and Barney Dine, recording their original songs.

From August 11th-13th we took to the streets of Torbay for a series of physically distanced processions. Including stilt-walker, Sadie and a unicycle riding, cabbage juggler Rupert. We distributed 1000 cabbage seeds to passers-by.

Watch a video of the Cabbage Rebellion, listen to our podcasts and find out more: www.cabbagerebellion.co.uk . We are continuing to work on the project and create a film version of the original script. For updates, visit our social media pages or subscribe to our newsletter

Contact: Erin@doorsteparts.co.uk

Partners: Gaia Giving, Groundworks South West, Torbay Climate Action Group, Youth Genesis, Sound Communities, Sanctuary Housing, Great Parks Community Centre


Our experience of working with young people in Torbay tells us that environmental issues including climate change are topics that are close to their hearts; these issues are much higher on the agenda for this generation than in previous years and are often the source of anxiety and worries about the future.


We are creating a unique new space to hang out and feel safe, whilst tackling the issue of climate change. This local, safe and accessible space will ensure young people are encouraged and empowered to tackle the climate crisis and other issues they feel passionate about. A range of environmental themed workshops co-designed with the young people will raise awareness and enhance their understanding of how local environmental issues impact on wider climate change. Furthermore, the opportunity to develop community organising skills, through bespoke training will enable young people to take action and make meaningful change around the issues that are important to them in their communities.

Contact: gaiagiving39@gmail.com

Partners: Children’s Society & South West Family Values​

Feedback from young people suggested they would like more opportunities to access mental health support in places they use and/or are friendly to young people and that they wanted to be able to drop into.


There are 4 elements to the project:

  • A drop-in service for children and young people who are struggling with emotional health and wellbeing issues;
  • One to one therapeutic support for children and young people who are struggling with anxiety, stress and other issues impacting on their emotional wellbeing;
  • Group-work with young people accessing Imagine This partner agencies;
  • Youth participation and support groups.

The project will start with online and telephone support. As guidelines change and restrictions ease we will look to incorporate face to face interventions alongside online interventions based on the expressed needs and wishes of young people accessing the service.

Following on from an intervention young people will be given the opportunity to join in online participation groups. The purpose of these groups is to provide support, reduce social isolation and campaign on issues that matter to the young people. We draw on opportunities within the wider national children’s society to enable young people to find their voice, contribute and lead on issues of young people wellbeing.

Contact: Richard.Kirkup@childrenssociety.org.uk

Partners: Doorstep Arts, South West Family Values, Moor to Sea, Youth Genesis, Torbay Youth Trust, Play Torbay, Artslab, Funkhead, Sound Communities & Participate

Over the summer our creative group of 8 Imagine This partners led by Doorstep Arts have been compiling the first free creative packs for young people aged 13-19 in Torbay.


Below is a list of what is in each of the packs and the opportunities available to connect via online projects:

  • Expressive Arts activity with ArtsLab, with opportunities to be part ofDynamic Arts group and online exhibition of creative work;
  • Inspirations and prompts to make new music and take part in Moor to Sea’s onlineUngroup music zoom group;
  • Creative recipes and things to make at home linked to Orchard Forest School with South West Family Values;
  • Information and links for youth support with Youth Genesis and Torbay Youth Trust;
  • Art and craft materials, paint, clay and more from Play Torbay to get creative at home;
  • Radio production opportunities and online masterclass with Ocean Youth Radio and some merchandise;
  • Support for anxiety and stress management with FunkHead as part of a supportive autumn zoom-programme;
  • Printmaking at home with Participate Arts, creatively exploring wellbeing;
  • Prompts & ideas for drama activities and wellbeing with Doorstep Arts;
  • Lots more ideas from Let’s Create to inspire young people’s creativity at home and out and about.

Contact: Erin@doorsteparts.co.uk

Partners: Eat that Frog, Play Torbay & Livewest

The national Safe Places scheme helps young people (and those with learning difficulties) if they feel worried or at risk while they are out in the community.

This scheme runs in various locations nationally / in Devon, but never extended to Torbay for all young people because of lack of funding. BUT ‘feeling safe’ was raised as a major concern in the Imagine this… consultation and again by young people polled at our Festival Day.

Eat That Frog and other partners including Livewest and Play Torbay will work with Police, Street Pastors and other community organisations and local businesses to launch and run a Torbay’s Safe Places scheme for any young person. 

Venues involved in the scheme are easily identifiable by the yellow logo displayed in their front window. Going to a Safe Place could be used in any situation where a young person was feeling vulnerable – if they are being bullied; or have missed the bus and are feeling overwhelmed.  A young person can carry an ‘I need help’ card to show to a member of staff in a Safe Place, who then calls the individual’s designated person/carer, the Police, or other appropriate support, depending on the circumstances.

We are bringing this fantastic community project to all Torbay young people for the first time.

Contact: Emma.seaman@eatthatfrog.ac.uk


Partners: Imagine Multicultural CIC (lead partner), Youth Genesis


The idea behind this project is to provide a family meals project, in line with Government Covid-19 guidance. The rationale for the project is helping low-income families to save money on meals which will allow them to be able to fund other essential resources (e.g. heating, clothing, rent etc).


This collaboration also includes support from Youth Genesis, who are on hand to offer additional information, advice and guidance to young people and families aligned to the project, as well as enhanced support at their Heads Up Youth Sessions in Foxhole; either online or community based.

Contact: juliebose26@gmail.com

Partners: Love Sports, Active Devon 

During lockdown we are offering support for young people in the following ways.

Street Based Engagement: 2 x sessions – Fri & Sat

  • Visiting hotspots or areas where YP are most likely to be;
  • Focusing on Paignton town centre, Parkfield, Victoria Park and Victoria Square;
  • Engage in conversation whilst maintaining social distancing and encourage YP to follow guidance and let them know we are available to contact for support.

Remote Support and Contact:

  • Regular check ins with those identified as most vulnerable;
  • DMs on project Social Media Accounts;
  • Text contact with young people.

Sports – Outdoor: 2 x sessions – Wednesday & Friday

  • Face to face sports coaching sessions – complying with government guidance as they evolve;
  • Workouts to be posted via QR codes to outdoor sports courts and MUGAs;
  • Pop up sessions with limited resources – complying with government guidance as they evolve;
  • Street Games Young Leaders- looking to recruit and work with YP interested in Sports coaching with an emphasis on those who have been referred through partners in the Criminal Justice system. (Some will be done virtually);

Sports – Indoor: 8 x sessions – Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday:

  • Community Basketball sessions in line with government guidance.

Contact: toby@glotorbay.co.uk

Partners: South West Family Values (lead partner), Wellbeing Torbay, Lifeworks, Lupton Trust, Moor to Sea

Responding to anxieties expressed by young people and their families about the impact of the COVID-19 lockdown, and how to return to normal social interaction, five Imagine This partners (Wellbeing Torbay, Lifeworks, Lupton Trust, Moor 2 Sea, South West Family Values) are providing safe outdoor activity ‘bubbles’ over a period from July 2020 to June 2021 in the beautiful Lupton Orchard.

The Core of the offer makes available the Lupton Community Orchard for ALL Imagine This partners for up to 12 months, with inter-connecting offers from Lifeworks, Moor To Sea, South West Family Values, Wellbeing Torbay and an extended partnership with Torre Abbey, Chill’d Out, and Dance in Devon.

Lupton Orchard – four acres of natural beauty, the perfect place for all partners to continue their work during the Covid 19 pandemic – to spend time in Nature, meet children and families socially distanced, hold one to one sessions, create workshops or enjoy a workshop around the five ways to wellbeing.

Imagine… a magical space where young people can explore and enjoy being part of nature…

…Where you feel safe

…Where you and nature connect

…Where you heal

…Where you learn

…Where you create

…Where you live in the moment


Where you dream

Highlights of the project include health and wellbeing workshops, wellbeing, coping with anxiety, drumming, meditation, outdoor yoga, film making, den-building, crafts,  working with our artists in residence, and access to safe holiday bubbles for young people with learning difficulties.

Contact: Dave@southwestfamilyvalues.org.uk

Partners: Turning Heads (lead partner) and Phab Club

The project has developed a programme of transition activities delivered to a wide-ranging group of young people with learning difficulties. This range of activities and intervention will help promote the development of key living skills and an awareness of what is needed to live


The project will lead to the production of a series of short films highlighting the key issues of transition from home to independence and from childhood into adulthood.

This project links to current agendas dealing with the issues of transition for young people with SEN and looks at providing a creative solution to these and will identify key areas of need that parents, carers, school leaders and youth workers can focus upon.

We will be working with 2 target groups. The first will be those aged 12-15 and the second group will be 16-18.

Contact: alanrtilley@mail.com

Partners: Partners: Sound Communities (lead partner), Youth Genesis, MusicAtTheEdge, PHAB Club, Space at the Windmill Centre, Torbay Youth Trust, The Foyer Torquay, Acorn Centre 

We are working with 9 local community centres, their leaders and young people across Torbay to co-design and deliver 45 street-based and youth centre outreach creative music and radio sessions over the next year to teenagers in the most deprived areas of Torbay. These sessions will build up to a live performance night in each town and a float broadcast/performance at Paignton Carnival in July 2021.

These sessions will support young people who live in challenging circumstances to come out of social isolation in a positive, creative and safe way and provide progression from these sessions towards exciting, physical events in the new year.

Using our new mobile music and radio vehicle, Boom Bus, and working in close partnership with community youth partners, we will provide a creative and supportive programme for young people to come together in person using outside spaces in their own communities.

Contact: kate@soundcommunities.co.uk

Partners:  Youth Genesis (lead partner), Sanctuary Housing, Acorn Centre

Imagine This funding will be used to employ a team of Youth Workers who will provide a bubble of support on the streets in the three residential areas of Hele, Watcombe and Barton over three evenings per week plus the Heads-Up Café for young people struggling with low level mental health struggles.

Using a detached youth work approach, the Streetbase Teams will offer support, guidance and signposting to young people through broad-based personal and social development opportunities in a way that is solely young person led. The work will take place wherever young people are meeting; parks, streets, beaches or elsewhere. During COVID-19, the Streetbase Teams will offer a way to help keep young people safe through offering safety information around social distancing, the latest government guidance plus ‘Infection Control around Covid-19’ workshops.

At the core of our proposal is a scaffold of support for young people struggling with their mental health through a series of drop-ins called ‘Heads-Up’. With existing sessions in Brixham and Paignton, we aim to extend this through partnership working with the Acorn Centre and Sanctuary Housing in Torquay where we will open a ‘Heads Up’ provision at the Acorn Centre in January 2021 following the reengagement of young people through the Streetbase sessions.

‘Streetbase: Paving the Way’ will reestablish relationships with young people in order to reconnect them with each other, their community and any support that they may need. We will be connecting young people with digital opportunities through online programmes provided by Imagine This partners.

Contact: jon@youthgenesis.org.uk